Counselling for Intercultural Couples

Do you feel like your partner doesn’t understand you? That your arguments are not settled? Do you long for closeness you had? When you notice the first signs, seek for professional help. Offered also as on-line sessions to your home.




For couples 75 minutes sessions are recommended to secure enough time for both partners to talk.

In the beginning, the sessions are usually once a week and then every other week.

The number of sessions needed vary, however usually a minimum of 15-30 sessions is needed.

PLACE: currently on-line with Zoom


A Single session 95 euroa

A Package of 5 Sessions 460 euroa (norm. 475 euros)

A Package of 10 Sessions 890 euroa (norm. 950 euros)

A package of 20 Sessions 1740 euros (norm. 1900 euros)




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